Sara who?

Once upon a time there was a community manager who loved to blog about food, but became a knitwear designer.

Sara Maternini in 2019

After experiences in the early stages of Italian internet, in 2002 I leave everything to dedicate myself to one of my big passions: food.

But in 2006 I go back to the roots and decide to combine my two great love, the internet and food: I create one of the first Italian food blog, The Kitchen Pantry.

Thanks to my blog I become corporate blogger and community manager for food&wine brand, building the first steps of corporate blogging in Italy.

In 2007 I’m part of the first group to organize Girl Geek Dinners in Italy.

In 2008, from the utopia of a tech world where women are not only identified as the next pink gadget, I create with a group of girl friends Girl Geek Life, the Italian magazine for tech lovers women.

In 2008 my second food blog was born, Mele al forno: simple and straightforward recipes form all over the world.

In 2011 I moved with my family to France: we happily live in south Alsace.

Since December 2014 I own my e-commerce company, La Cave à Laine, selling unique exclusive handmade accessories for knitters, designed and made by me. Since 2016 I also sell my own knitting patterns.

You can find me on almost every social networks, from Facebook to the less known, as saramaternini.

You can write me at sara [@] (but please, avoid to send me press release, link exchange or SEO proposal: I will trash them with no mercy!)